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"Live" Traffic

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Hi All,

I love that we can watch "live traffic" both as entertainment and as a tool to plan our commute.

One thing I've noticed though is how hard it is to get a good online traffic website: They either don't provide a large enough area, don't provide enough information, or don't provide information in the area you want to view live traffic!

Also, as a Canadian and specifically a Torontonian, I'd love to hear about any live traffic sites that serve my area.

Here are some examples; Feel free to discuss what you like about them, how they do or don't serve your area, and what you would like to see. Also, add any that aren't listed here:



www.maps.live.com (also called Virtual Earth)

Greater Toronto & Extended Area Specifically:

http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/traveller/compass/ (click on Traffic Flow Maps)



Also, I did a quick search in this forum for "live traffic", "online traffic" and couldn't find any previous topics of this nature; but if there is one please link any comments as appropriate.

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