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Any Tigers fans out there? How do you like their chances? I am cautiosly optomistic. The best lineup in my lifetime (I was around and remebmer 84), decent rotation but below average bullpen. In my opinion there are going to be too many games that the Tigers jump out to an early 5 run lead and then we need to sweat it out as the bullpen lets the opponent creep back in. Saying all that I do believe that they are a near lock for the post season, after that who knows!

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Another loss today... what's going on? I know everyone thought the pitching was going to be shady but the real culprit as been the mediocre offense getting 0-2 runs in most of the losses where the pitching gave up an average 4-5 runs. My prediction is that once the weather warms up a bit the bats will as well. I hope anyway.

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Well we are now over .500.....what are our chances now? In my opinion as long as they stay healthy the Tigers should have a big second half. I'll be there on the 12th!!!! looking forward to it. Too bad my favorite (Maggs) won't be playing :(

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