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Goldsboro's Master Plan


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The City of Goldsboro agreed to fund a study to create a Master Plan of the Greater Downtown Goldsboro area April 13, 2006. The intent of the process and document was to develop a plan and vision for the commercial district of downtown and its surrounding historic residential neighborhoods. The City hired Allison Platt & Associates to prepare the Master Plan.


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I just got done doing a quick read through of the report and I must say that I am impressed. I wish Burlington had a similar plan for its downtown.

I like how the plan centers on the the rail depot there, and how to incoporate proposed rail with a picturesqe downtown that people will enjoy living, shopping, and working in. If the NCRR gets commuter rail going I can see alot of people commuting from Goldsboro to Raleigh-Durham, also I can Seymore-Johnson AFB supplying some decent ridership to Raleigh and Durham especially for leisure on the weekends. Goldsboro can truly use this plan to add to North Carolina's long list of great cities.

Great post CapeFear!

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