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Earth Hour 2008- Turn off your lights!

Lady Celeste

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Turn off the lights!!!

I'm sure that most locals have probably heard of this event. In case you haven't, let me be the first to tell you. At 8pm tonight, Atlanta's gorgeous skyline will go dark. In conjunction with other cities around the world, Atlanta will partake in Earth Hour 2008. What is Earth Hour you might ask?

Earth Hour is an international event that asks households and businesses to turn off their lights and non-essential electrical appliances for one hour on the evening of 29 March at 8 pm local time until 9 pm to promote electricity conservation and thus lower carbon emissions.

Earth Hour: March 29, 2008 8 - 9 PM

- Cities around the world will join together in literally turning off the lights for one hour to offer leadership and symbolize their commitment to finding climate change solutions.

- Lights will be turned off at iconic buildings and national landmarks from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

- Local businesses and restaurants will also be asked to turn off their lights.

- People at home can take advantage of the hour by replacing their standard light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.

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