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Nashville from the sky


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My neighborhood:


The walkin' bridge and the drivin' bridge:




A beautiful building where dumb decisions are made on a daily basis:


Goooo Titans!


The Sommet Center looks like a pill bug:


Sorry Cascades and Conservatory! Catch ya next time!:


Nashville looks nice and big in this pic:


Gotta love options:


You can almost see the curvature of the Earth in this one:


It's a damn dam:


The hotel on final approach to Cornelia Fort:


Who needs a new stadium? This one looks just fine.


Nice density:


Final Approach to CFA:


Lee, our pilot. This guy is a frikken old codger hoot!


My beautiful copilot and I:


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Thank you so much for the pictures Nashcan! I really hope to see Signature Tower, a beautiful convention center and very tall convention center hotel in future pictures! I would also love to see arches as seen on the pedestrian and gateway bridge over the two bridges leading to the new courthouse. Please keep more pictures coming people!

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Thanks. Great pics. I really like the odd views that you never see like the one with the State capitol. Where you can't really see the bat building, it would take a sec to realize what city you're looking at if you didn't know already. Lovely!

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i was thinking about these pics today when i was in a meeting and was thinking, i need to get up in the air and see the city, but then i was struck by reality, lol money money money.... im sure it expensive.....

im glad someone can get up there and show us what it is like!

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OH MY! Everytime I come back from my mom's in KY There is a spot on I-65 just north of town where the skyline appears. In the last 30 some odd years it has never failed to thrill me and welcome me home. These pictures conjured up the same feeling of pride! WELL DONE! I am going to share them with LOTS AND LOTS of folks...

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