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It appears the USOC will stay in Colorado Springs


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City council is expected to approve a 53 million dollar incentives package to keep the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs. The money will be used for a new 7-story headquarters downtown, additional offices at another downtown building, and new housing and facilities upgrades at the Olympic Training Center east of downtown.

City council will approve the plan around noon today with a joint Colorado Springs/USOC press confrence scheduled for 2:00 p.m.

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My understanding is that Denver was in the running.

Apparently Chicago was offering up The Sears Tower. Instead, the USOC will get this.

This gaurantee's construction jobs, that Stratton Pointe will get built, it brings jobs and potentially residents downtown, I've seen renderings of the new housing planned for the training center and it's all very urban looking... and with the rings going up all over downtown, maybe we will become known for something other than FOTF.

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The USOC is actually getting two buildings in Downtown Colorado Springs. The headquarters will be in a 6-story, brand new building at Tejon and Colorado. The second building will be a renovated 2-story building on the north end of America the Beautiful Park. It will feature a large screen that looks out across the park and will broadcast olympic events.

Read about it here.

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