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Man Caves?


Do you have a man cave?  

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CNN.com has an article today about man caves. A place where a man can retreat to without fear of being intruded on by his wife/girlfriend/etc. In the past it's been the garage or a workshop but in the last few years, gamerooms and entertainment rooms have been added to the list. Are they necessary? Do grown men need their own version of a kid's treehouse where "no girls are allowed!" ?

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I don't have a man-cave and don't have a wife or girlfriend either. My husband and I, now that I think about it, do have our own places at home where we are free to decorate and do whatever we want. Mine is the 10 x 20 balcony (we live in a condo) where I have planters with herbs, flowers, vines, etc. I have it set up as a outdoor living room and am out there all the time.

He has the storage unit (10 x 10) that came with our unit set up as his studio. He does fashion spreads and photo shoots for local magazines and some TV and creates some of the accessories and clothes for them.

I'm not sure if these count since they are almost un-manly but they do serve as personal space were we both feel free to do as we please! In terms of a traditional man-cave, we have a den set up with surround sound dark wood and trim and heavy curtains where we watch sports and other stuff togeher. Much more of a manly room :)

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Well, I didn't really think I had a "man cave" until I read Charlotte_native's comment. I do have a room in our house that contains my small music studio oi one half and a small photography studio in the other. My wife doesn't have one thing in that room to my knowledge. I suppose her space is a room we have devoted to being a library with floor to ceiling book cases and a sofa (she's a librarian of course). Our cat does share loves to share that room with her though. :P

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Like some other posters said, my "man cave" is my entire house, for the time being anyways. If I had to pick one room that would truly be one, it would be my computer room, but I would never stop spouse or kids from coming it.

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