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Road trippin': Farmington

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The second of three cultural attractions in Kentucky that American Byways is covering for March and April, Farmington was the center of a 550-acre hemp plantation owned by John and Lucy Speed. It features a Federal-styled, Thomas Jefferson-inspired residence. Inside are lavishly decorated rooms restored to reflect the life of the Speed family between 1816 and 1841, while the grounds contain a smokehouse, cabin, ice house, carriage houses, a bountiful garden, blacksmith shop and more. Take a tour of the interior of the glorious residence and watch the page for future updates -- including exterior photography and a peek into the other buildings on the grounds!

1 Front hall


2 Shoes in the Red Room


3 Parlor


4 Parlor


5 Mrs. Speed's Chamber


6 John Speed's Chamber


Enjoy! And be sure to check out the guide for more background, history and photographs!

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