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A music amphitheater may anchor Hart Plaza


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While news of the Hart Plaza makeover has been around for a few years now, the rendering in today's article is new. I have to say that the new ampitheatre shown looks nice. Unfortunately like many grand plans for Detroit money is an issue and it will probably be another decade before anything happens. Hopefully some group like the Kresge Foundation will give the city money to fund half of the plan.


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Maybe if we keep adding these outdoor amplitheatres we will surpass New York in total seating for legimate theatres (we are number 2 after all).

I have never heard of the one going up at Dequinder and Gratiot, anyone here have any details/ renderings?

How would it in fit in with Eastern Market?


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I think a new signature structure there would be great. But I feel like it shouldn't be completely open air, I think it should have the ability to be closed off and used in the winter as well. I think it's silly to make something like that, that will only be used for about half of the year.

And yeah, I think it would be cool if it wasn't a tent, gehryesque, or a calatravaesque. Just something that's really good.

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