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New West End


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"1" Hotel, 22nd and M Streets

The "1" Hotel looks as though it might get off the ground fairly soon. The current buildings on the lot should be disappearing any time now. I'll try to follow up here with construction pictures. The former Embassy of Nigeria is a building no one will miss. The building pictured on the left housed Asia Nora. This will also be demolished.


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1200 New Hampshire Avenue- Retail Addition

The owners of the 1970;s office building at 1200 New Hampshire Avenue have applied for permission to build a "glassy" retail extension to fill in the significant setback from the street. Today, this area is a plaza with a couple of benches and not much else. While I'm not sure what this will look like, it hasn't raised the hackles of the neighborhood commissions just yet. If anything, the addition of retail stores would probablt help the area. The number of hotels and condos suggest a need for more retail (something other than 24 hour drugstores, please!) shops to serve visitors and residents alike. I'll try to get a picture of the building posted here soon. Currently, the building houses the popular Meiwah and Grillfish restaurants.

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"1" Hotel is Actually Happening....

The "1 Hotel" by Starwood is actually going to be built after all. The former Nigerian Embassy is now almost completely gone and construction is expected to begin soon on the new building. I'll try to get some new photos of the neighborhood up soon. The new condo building 22 West is also nearly complete and I have seen a few lights on inside as new residents are moving in. I suppose $600k studios are a bargain to someone out there....

A short clip from the Hotel Chatter site is below...

Hotel Chatter

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