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Some talk of Springfield Develpment

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Developers flock to Springfield for business opportunities

Report by Jackie Brousseau

04/04/2008- WWLP SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) Paul Cincotta is a developer interested in the old Westinghouse building off Page Boulevard in Springfield.

The Newton-based company plans to turn the 41 acre lot into a multi-million dollar shopping center with several discount anchor stores, smaller retail stores, and restaurants.

So, why Springfield?

The site is one of many that developers are looking at in Springfield. A developers' conference at the Basketball Hall of Fame gave many the chance to see what the city has to offer, including Court Square, the building on Elm and the Old First Church, and the church on East Columbus Avenue, where a new office building will soon be built.

Perhaps the biggest eye sore, the York Street Jail, is now a highly sought after site for developers and the mayor hopes it will also be a major tourist attraction. "I'd love to pursue the idea of a court of dreams which would be compatible with the Basketball Hall of Fame, which would bring a tremendous amount of turnout...visitors, tourism," said Mayor Sarno.

Sarno says economic development will not only give the city a boost in taxes, but will also bring vibrancy to many areas that have been vacant for too long.

Sounds like a decent amount of stuff going on up there. The city jail seems like a good pospect, and I am now interested in this new office building they mention.

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