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Aroostook County

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I dunno really. I think up in The County they look a lot more towards Canada to forge economic ties. There are a lot of Canadians who cross the border into the county to shop. I-95 is a valuable resource for the county. There's a surprisingly large amount of migrant labour working the farms in northern Maine, especially the potato harvest. I think there is little that can be done to prevent the county's young people from heading south for opportunities in Portland and out of state. That may not be a terrible thing in the long run. It wouldn't be good to see sprawl take hold and ruin the natural beauty. There will always be some people living up there, but I think a chapter has probably closed in the region's history.

Here's some info on Aroostook County.




Aroostook County Population: 73,938 - US Census Bureau Data 2000

Population is 5.8% of the state's total population

Originally part of Washington and Penobscot Counties

Aroostook is named for an Indian word meaning "beautiful river"

Incorporated March 16, 1839

Contains 2 cities, 54 towns, 11 plantations, and 108 unorganized townships

Density is 11.1 persons per square mile

Area - 6,672 square miles (21.6% of the state's area): 89% of the County's area is forest, 1% lakes, ponds and rivers, 10% cultivated farmland

Houlton is the Aroostook County seat with offices in Caribou and Fort Kent

Maine's northernmost county bordered to the east, west and north by Canada

Aroostook County is larger than Connecticut and Rhode Island combined

Major crops: broccoli, potatoes, hay, small grain rotation crops

Site of two transatlantic balloon crossing launch sites

Aroostook County is home to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway


County government is Maine's oldest form of government, pre-dating statehood and even the Declaration of Independence. The State of Maine has 16 counties, Aroostook being the largest.

County government is the only form of regional government whose officials are directly elected by the voters. There has always been a role for county government, providing democratic institutions that operate at the regional level between municipalities and the state.


Tourism couldn't hurt, everyone get out and visit Aroostook County right now!


About Aroostook County, Maine

Aroostook County, Maine, is tucked into the northeast corner of the state. It borders the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec. While being the northern most county in Maine, it is also the largest. It comprises a land area of 6,672 square miles. In fact, it is the largest county east of the Mississippi.

The history of Aroostook County is rooted in its vast natural resources. The great wilderness area of western Aroostook comprises two thirds of the county and is mostly owned by companies in the lumber and paper industry. Eastern portions of Aroostook County are dominated by wide open spaces of farmland that produce potatoes, broccoli and peas, among other crops.

Aroostook County serves as an outstanding recreation area with more than 2,000 lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds covering some 80,000 acres. Camping, canoeing, fishing, hunting are popular spring, summer, and fall activities. Beautiful changes in the foliage are visible in the fall, while winter is filled with ice fishing, skating, skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, among other activities.

Northern Maine is also home to people of diverse cultural backgrounds. Aroostook County has two Native American tribes: the Micmacs (Mik'maqs) and the Maliseets, while French-Acadians were among the first Europeans to settle in the area. In the mid-1800's, a group of Swedish families immigrated to America and founded the current day villages of New Sweden and Stockholm.

The many festivals, fairs, and other annual events that make visiting Aroostook County a unique experience are derived from this rich cultural heritage. The Acadian Festival in Madawaska celebrates the Acadian roots of the St. John Valley, while the Midsommar Celebration follows in the footsteps of the traditional Swedish celebration of the summer solstice. Other festivals celebrate Aroostook's natural resources - Patten's Pioneer Days festival features a woodsmen competition, while Houlton's Potato Feast Days honors the coming harvest of our largest agricultural crop.

We take pride in our county, and we invite you to take the opportunity to see all that we have to offer.

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