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Degree Transferability

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Just looking to get advice from people inside the profession...

I am currently completing a BA in Geography with a certificate in Urban Study from a Canadian University. I am interested in completing a Master in Urban and Environmental Planning from Griffith University in Australia (a program recognized by the Australian Planning Association). I am interested in what people's experience in transferring international degrees back to their home country (in my case Canada) in getting work in the planning field and membership in planning associations (ex. CIP) has been like.

Has anyone has any bad experiences in doing this?

Will having an international degree negatively affect my getting of a job in Canada? Alberta, BC?

While I recognize there will be differences in policies and some language, I have been told that this is similar to going to a planning school in Ontario vs. BC or Alberta.

ALSO, I will be completing my BA earlier than anticipated...Is gaining experience prior to a master's degree more beneficial (eg. working from Dec. to April prior to going back to school) or gaining more long term experience (eg. 1 or 2 years prior to going back for a masters) better?

Hopefully some of you can give me some good feedback (hopefully better than the career advising department!!)

Thank You!

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