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Phoenix Plans To Sell Hartford Office Building

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My first reaction went something like this

"I really do not like this one bit. In my humble opinion this makes it easier for someone to buy this company and move the jobs out of the city. Not to mention that its one of the best buildings in the city."

then the light bulb goes off and I was thinking about the wrong building. They are selling the low rise one. Not a bad building, but one of those sites that could be so much more. Still I fear for the loss of another 180 Investment jobs in Hartford. (its loosing 70 at ING IM downtown)

This will be interesting to say the least.

I hope somehow that both companies not only survive in Hartford, but thrive as a result of this renewed focus.

I also hope this lot is bought by travelers and they build a new office on it and move the HQ back to Hartford. (ok thats my pipe dream)

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