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New mall near spring hill


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Surprised no else has heard this. I saw a few days ago on either Channel 4 news or Fox 17 news that there was a 900 acre purchase near Spring Hill and the owner said something about putting a mall there. Sorry for the ambiguous details, but it was a few days ago and caught the very brief story out of the corner of my eye. I tried searching for a source but no luck. Did anyone else hear anything about this?

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I'm sure this was discussed elsewhere but in case it was not. The Alexander farm off Buckner is still contract pending but the person who has begun to purchase plans on putting a multi use project there including retail, office space and residential. The Williamson County Schools unfortunately condemed part of this land and purchased it for less that the Alexanders are selling it to the developer (which i'm sure didn't go over well)...from what has been discussed they took the best and most desirable part of the land to build a new school. So we will see if the final deal goes through or not.

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I live directly across from this potential development and I have to say I would hate to see a mall or anything similar be dropped onto this farm. I completely agree with the previous post I cannot understand why or who would want to put another mall this close to cool springs. The crossings of spring hill seem to be doing a good job on providing large retailers and decent restaurants.

So what other options are out there for 900 acres with a school taking 35 acres? I'm not sure I would have a good answer to that at this point. As I watch my neighbors homes sit on the market for months and lots in developments nearby sit empty I'm not sure what I could imagine would help at this point.

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