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Duplexes bill being debated

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NCP article on duplexes

Attached is a link to an article about the contentious issue of duplexes, which has again raised its head in the Metro Council. I am not sure how others feel about this. I can see both sides. I guess that selfishly I would hate to see lots of teardowns of nice mid-century bungalows for terribly designed duplexes, but the one pictured is fine by me! Put it next to my house! Some of the duplexes that I have seen in the inner-city neighborhoods fit in ok with the neighborhood and are on in-fill lots, so I'm happy with them, too. The reality is that as Nashville grows, density is going to increase. But at the same time, Metro Council does need to keep tabs on that density for certain purposes, but I'm not sure where that oversight authority should stop.

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