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Town Center JUMBOTRON High DEF Screen?


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I think it would be awesome to have a JUMBOTRON High Definition Screen at Town Center.. a Media Market Place at the Plaza on maybe on the side of the westin Hotel on the corner of Commerce and Market street Facing where the Cinema will be going.. That can be the main center point especially when people are coming or leaving the sandler center.. They will see that it has a downtown feel.. Large Media Screens Showing the news, Weather and traffic.. But Big enough for people to see from the Studio 56 Lofts/Sandler Center.. Maybe on saturday night. They can have a Big Movie night in the heart of Town Center for Kids and adults... I think it would make the area more alive and modern day.. <_<

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Yeah, From what I Recall, They are working with the City to approve a Timequare Jumbotron HIgh Def Screen to advertise news events, special events and the weather and possible traffic..It will be installed on the westin on the corner of Commerce and Market street.. The Newsticker will just show stock quotes and LIVE information..

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It seems like a good idea, but the one on the side of Prudential Center in Newark is scary. Cool when flying into Newark Airport. I can see "DEVILS WIN!" from 8,000 feet. But scary when walking around on the ground. It makes passers by, now awestruck, easier targets for purse snatchers! LOL.

It would be cool to have ticker news somewhere, but no video. Last thing I'd want to see is a 30-foot Velveeta Ewell reading the news briefs. Maybe some cute vid clips of puppies.

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