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New Worlds Tallest Building located in Dubai

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I would like to know what other projects they are talking about in that article.

I've shown this thread to many of my friends and family, all of whom are amazed and overwhelmed at the project. I'd lik to add another "wow!"

Can anyone fill me in on a little history of the region as well as some of the current scial and political climates there?

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:w00t: This new world's tallest building would be 800m tall, almost half a mile tall. Completion is set to be around 2008-9 and this structure could hold the world's tallest for a time due to the 250m+ height advantage over the Freedom Tower in the US, set for completion also around 2009. This is the first building taller than 2000ft (611m) and it would be an engineering marvel and challenge since it's soo tall. :):silly::w00t:
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Is Dubai where they built (or are building) the islands in the ocean in the shape of a palm tree?


Ohh, yes. And where they are building an equally big artificial island in the shape of a world map, dubling the size of their airport to 40 mio passengers/year (to accomodate the 20 new A380 airbus planes they have bought), building a new airport with 6 runways designed for 140 mio passengers/year in a 140 square km area that is also to include 850 new office/apartement towers, building hundres of elegant new towers all over town and building a metro/monorail to connect it all.

Have just returned from Dubai. That's a place where things a happening, but no crime and only polite people. That's how things work when you have a sheik that decides everything about things are yo be run.

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A Small list of projects that are happening in Dubai, in which some are already mentioned all over this forum,

Burj Dubai (Tower) (+800 meters) completion expected 2008

Dubai Land (Multi-City Theme Adventure Park, over 3 billion square ft and a price tag of $11 Billion) completion of all phases 2020

Dubai Water Front (world's largest water front project, residential, offices, islands, world's longest canal [extending into the desert, creating 350km of new shore lines for dubai)

Palm Island Jumeirah (palm tree shapes island)

Palm Island Jebel Ali (Palm tree shaped island , twice the size of jumeirah island)

Palm Island Deira (another palm island, bigger and bigger)

Jumeirah Beach residence (almost 60 high rise, beach residential towers)

Dubai Airport Expansion (price tag $4.1 billion)

New- Jebel Ali Airport + Jebel Ali Airport City (International airport linking sea-port to airport , including all facilites, liesure to residential, to offices with in a complex of 800+ high rise towers)

Dubai Festival City , (residential Villas + severalGolf Courses)

Dubai Mall (Emaar claims it to be the largest in the world)

Mall of Arabia (Dubai Land claims it to be the largest in the world)

Emirates Mall (among the largest in the region including indoor ski hill + lift)

Al Burj Tower (previously the Pennicale, rumors about it competing for the title of the worldest talles tower) (Part of Dubai Water Front)

Hydropolis (world first luxury underwater hotel)

The World (World Map shaped islands)

Dubai Light Rail System (light rail system, connecting all of dubai "Monorail")(accliamed to be the worldest largest mono-rail system)

Dubai Business Bay (which includes expanding dubai creek, and ofcourse, fill it with high rise towers, inorder to become business center of the region)

Dubai Lost City (residential complex, taking its theme from different incient cities from around the world)

Dubai International Financial Center + Dubai Gate (High rise towers, very creative designs, in order to make dubai the financial center of the region)

Jumeirah Islands (Residential Villas in the desert however, surrounded by water , to take the shape islands)

Dubai Crystal Dome (proposed cystal dome [residential] and base for dubai railway sytem)

I am sure that I missed out of other projects, so if anyone remembers any be my guest and add them,

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It frustrates me that this country in the Middle East will build something like this and we spend so much time bickering over the WTC which even though the spire might reach 1776ft, it wont actually be even close to being that high in terms of occupiablility.

It frustrates me that the most prosperous country in the world can't get a project like this accomplished anymore, and some tiny countries that most people haven't even heard of can bulid these things with seemingly little problems. (Malaysia, UAE)


Yea but Dubai and many other Asia cities are pulling ahead of USA in their buildings because they are willing to risk building it and our construction companies arent its sad too hear but some day we wont be the best country in the world :(

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I don't know. If automobiles continue to move toward different types of fuel, the middle east might just be out-of-luck. I don't think that by having the world's tallest building will make it the world's BEST country. We will see what happens...


maybe you should note the Dubai, currently doesnt have any oil, oil represents only merely 6% of its income, the other 94% come from other forms of businesses projects, tourism, etc.........

maybe Saudi since most of its income is from OIL .

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here are the pics (were taken this morning)

this is a pic of the towers that will be next to the Burj Dubai it self


this is a picture of the initial foundation that is being done for the Burj, while i was there the engineer was talking about how it is on hold for now, because there are rumors about another project some where else which is targeting the title of the worlds tallest, so Dubai has put Burj Dubai onhold on order to decide what will the final high will be , in order for it to be number 1



this picture here, showing the construction being done on the base for the Dubai Mall (world's largest)


these pics are just a view of Sheik Zayed Road from the a burj residence tower (39th floor)



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