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Anderson rejects Greenville/Spartanburg name


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Anderson rejects Upstate Alliance using Greenville/Spartanburg name

Anderson County Council has rejected a consulting firm's suggestion to use the Greenville/Spartanburg name to market the upstate, replacing the name 'Upstate Alliance'. Their argument stems from the fact that numerous places across the country use the name Upstate, and that the Greenville/Spartanburg name is more widely known.

Greenville and Spartanburg "are the names that are shown on the map," she said, and "have been associated in the news with a lot of wins in the region."

The Greenville-based alliance markets South Carolina's ten westernmost counties as great places to do business. Anderson County contributes $50,000 to its annual budget of $1.46 million, Johnson said.

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Well, I can understand that argument and why Anderson would be against it. Greenville/Spartanburg is undoubtedly more well recognized than the "Upstate" ....but to be fair, they just said in some marketing, its not like it would be changed to the Greenville/Spartanburg Alliance. Anderson is in a tough spot to be sure. My guess is that this will have to go thorough, because even though Anderson is not in favor of it, the ultimate marketing strategy would be better received using a more unique name (particularly since there's only one Spartanburg).

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