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Tallahassee Film Festival


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TD I'm glad to see you volunteering for this event. IMHO I think this festival will become a great asset to Tally in the same way that 7 days is becoming. They've got some great folks working on this event and have formed a tax-free corp to operate it. This was formed out of the KCCI as was Greenovations and Get Gaines Going.

On a sad note, I'll be out of town during this event and I am extremely disappointed I will not be attending. However even though I'll be out of town, my biz will be a sponsor.

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I wanted to go to this, but was out of town. I am just curious did anyone here attend any of the film festival events? And if so, what did you think? I read and have heard that it went great, but I wanna get the real scoop from you guys. Any info (good, bad or ugly) will be appreciated!


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