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Who else but Fountain Street Church?!


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This is amazing. On Saturday I spent some time in the presence of several card-carrying Catholics, who discussed this issue and fully supported the Aquinas honcho's decision to nix this speech. Listened to these nice people earnestly stating their beliefs, and when they reached the part about "they're looking for an alternative venue," I kept very quiet, already having guessed the outcome.

This didn't take long at all. (7 pm April 23, free. C'mon down!)


[not just an attender; signed the book three years ago]

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REVERENCE FOR LIFE - Blessing of the Animals: We will read portions of the creation story from Genesis as members and friends process into the Sanctuary bearing their well-loved elements of creation. Fred and Matthew will bless your animals while Ed Clifford and friends provide music fit for the occasion. You won't want to miss this uniquely Fountain Street service!

Bring Your Furry Friend to Church this Sunday!

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