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The Sobro Apartment Tower


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Was poking around announced projects sites and came across this...

Comming soon: "The Sobro" Apartment Tower.

The Belew Group has apparently decided to change their condo project into an apartment tower. I can see this more realistically coming to life as an apartment tower rather than a condo tower, especially in this market slump.

What do you guys think?

Here the Link for the Belew Group Announcement

Must be noted, they left the condo info up above the Apartment Tower announcement. It seems like they are still not too good at this web-update stuff.

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Does this surprise anyone? I remember reading their website on this project. There were so many typographical errors and spelling mistakes I could not take them serious as a developer. In fact, I actually emailed them and told them all about the errors. They wrote back and apologized and said the website was a rush job just to get the word out!


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