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Downtown Mint Hill Master Plan


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This plan is from 2002. My parents live in Mint Hill, and although they've started to redevelop it, in my opinion it's been a dissappointment because what they've done is underwhelming. They laid brick pavers at the intersection of Lawyers and 51, which was a big ordeal, as they had to rip them up and relay them several times. Also, they installed this skimpy town clock at that intersection with First Citizen's logo plastered all on the face of it. I laughed looking through those plans because when they provide examples of acceptalbe and unacceptalbe architecture, the unacceptable townhomes that they provide look exactly like the ones that were built! Way to stick to a plan. I hate to sound so negative about it, but the translation from the plans to reality has not been a good one. I hope they're planning on doing more to reach their goals. Next time I'm there, I'll try and take some pictures to show what I'm talking about.

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Mint Hill faces a problem that a lot of new suburban communities have. There really is no there. It grew from a crossroads with no downtown to an incorporated city of close to 30k today. I did see recently that they're tearing down an 80's modern town hall to build a retro traditional brick building instead. Building a downtown from scratch is difficult unless one builder oversees the whole project.

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