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Revitalizing Southeast Newport News


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Aaron Brooks spoke to the Southeast Community yesterday regarding his plans. A detailed story can be found on the Daily Press website with RENDERINGS INCLUDED!!

Southeast Commerce Park

To see the renderings, go to "Related Links" and click the link with the 'photos' icon next to it. Pictures 7, 8, and 9 provide a location map and renderings of the housing and commercial mix.

This is desperately needed in that community. What an extremely exciting event and great news for them!

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Greetings from Arc Studio!

Many of you may remember us from the Cosmo418 project in Norfolk (sorry we could not make that dream a reality). We are back and are proud to be the architects on this great project, Southeast Commerce Center. Please check out some of the links to the articles that are out right now. I did notice that a few of the papers made the mistake of stating that the residential will be high-end which is incorrect, it will be affordable housing.

Here are some of the links:





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Sorry to hear you guys couldn't make Cosmo work out. Ironically, if Norfolk had allowed it to go through, Cosmo would have been one of the only condo projects to see itself to completion in DT Norforlk. Glad to hear that this is going to be affordable housing too, that is really needed in our area.

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