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Up With the New: A Second City Center For Las Vegas

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Doubt it. Well, let me correct that. I don't think it will become a new "downtown", nor will it have any soul. It is a big development. No matter who runs it, it's just buildings. What makes a downtown, what makes a city, isn't the buildings. What makes a city is the people, the social life, the atmosphere, and the excitement. That's why some smaller cities can have a more vibrant downtown than many big cities. This may bring more people, but it isn't going to create more of a city.

And that is something still lacking in Orlando as well. A lot of people mention that they don't like Orlando because people move here, they stay for a few years, and then they leave. o no one wants to put the effort into building any roots. but people only stay for a few years precisely because no one has really developed any roots. I think Orlando needs to focus less on the buildings themselves and work more on the city culture instead.

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