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Northampton Hotel

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With suits settled, new Hamp hotel moves forward

The 101-room hotel will rise five stories above Pulaski Park from an acre of prime real estate in the Roundhouse parking lot below. It has been the center of a storm of public criticism since the city accepted the bid from the Pioneer Valley Hotel Group to buy the parcel for $1. The only other bidder, Tryumph Management Group, proposed building commercial office space on the site. Although Tryumph bid $750,000 for the land, the city determined that the hotel would generate more money for the public coffers over a 10-year period.

101 Rooms in a 5 story building

not sure if this link will work

but the location is right near downtown. You can map roundhouse plaza and its in that parking lot.

I hope this is a nice addition. It is a great town and I honestly would not want to change much about the place.

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parking garage on the street!


the only good thing is that it is "out of the way" and in one of the more quiet parts of downtown, so the hotel guests might help that end of the street out a little.

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