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Michigan on list for VW plant


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Ever been to Holland??? It seems like there is already a plant there rolling VWs off the line with all the V-Dubs around town. Seems like Grand Haven to Holland to Saugatuck to Grand Rapids... VWs and Audis everywhere. Maybe that could help to make a decision. Couldn't hurt, right? (Can't be a money thing, can it?)

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I heard the same thing, and it absolutely blew my mind that with all of the massive vacant sites we have formerly used for industrial usage (many of which were even former auto plants) that we didn't have a site and infrastructure ready for VW. If that's really the truth, well then Granholm isn't as on top of this as I thought she was.

To tell you the truth, I thought they were going to pick the Alabama site, but maybe it was the "ready-to-build" Tennessee site that swung them.

Anyway, it was good to hear that we got K-Dow's headquarters, which will be 800 high-paying white-collar jobs, which if you ask me are worth two or more manufacturing jobs considering how we're trying to diversify.

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