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Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai!!

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As u guys know!! Dubai is boooooooming!!! I reckon theyll have 1000s of skyscrapers by 2010!!!

This is the Jumeirah Beach Residence, Currently under construction!!!

The Jumierah Beach Residence Dubai


Look Here


NAME: Jumeirah Beach Residence

TOWERS: 36 residential, 4 HOTEL TOWERS


END DATE: Dec 2005 ( stage 1)


Tower A03.1___-__22 Floors

Tower A03.2___-__40 Floors

Tower A04_____-__Hotel

Tower A02_____-__40 Floors

Tower A01_____-__42 Floors


Tower B01_____-__Hotel

Tower B02_____-__36 Floors

Tower B03 T01_-__Hotel

Tower B03 T02_-__33 Floors

Tower B04 T01_-__22 Floors

Tower B04 T02_-__41 Floors

Tower B05 T01_-__23 Floors

Tower B05 T02_-__24 Floors

Tower B06 T01_-__36 Floors

Tower B06 T02_-__46 Floors

Tower B07 T01_-__40 Floors

Tower B07 T02_-__38 Floors

Tower B07 T03_-__39 Floors


Tower C01 T03_-__37 Floors

Tower C02 T01_-__40 Floors

Tower C02 T02_-__46 Floors

Tower C03_____-__46 Floors

Tower C04 T01_-___9 Floors

Tower C06 T01.1_-_24 Floors

Tower C06 T01.2_-__9 Floors

Tower C06 T03_-__42 Floors

Tower C06 T06_-__38 Floors

Tower C07_____-__Hotel

Tower C08_____-__45 Floors

Tower C09 T01_-__40 Floors

Tower C09 T02_-__45 Floors

Tower C09 T03_-__42 Floors


Tower D01 T01_-__46 Floors

Tower D01 T02_-__27 Floors

Tower D01 T03_-__40 Floors

Tower D02 T01_-__33 Floors

Tower D02 T02_-__26 Floors


Jumeirah Beach Residence is an impressive 22 million sq. ft. of gross floor area development across a length of 1.7 kilometres. It features 36 residential towers, 4 hotel towers, beach clubs and is being developed by the same team that produced landmark projects such as the Dubai Internet City and the Dubai Media City. The theme architects are Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo and the project manager is MACE International, both globally renowned for their ability to orchestrate and execute large-scale projects to perfection. The Jumeirah Beach Residence design will reflect the architectural theme of future Dubai through a fusion of Mediterranean and local architectural elements, while retaining a unique style and aesthetic expression of its own.








Amazing aint it??!!!

Thanx to GO_UAE at SSC for the info and the pics!!!1

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Wow *dumbfounded looking face complete with gaping mouth* that is AMAZING. That is one of the biggest and most impressive projects i have ever seen. Dubai is clearly the metropolis of the future.

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i reckon these guys should put in more smilies!!!! anyways ill be here soon with the update on Dubai Pearl!!!! :D:P


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