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Tornado Hits Suffolk


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Let me be the first to extend my thoughts and prayers to the families affected by this awful storm. The damage i've seen on tv so far looks horrendous, they took a pretty big hit down there. :( The Tornado was reported to be about a quarter mile wide and the pics of it shown on tv seem to match that description. I was scheduled to work down there today but that job was cancelled (thank God). I know we have some people on here that live near Suffolk and I hope that everyone is ok.

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At about 4:30, I looked out the window of my classroom in Batten Arts and Letters at ODU, and saw what appeared to be a tornado traveling up the river toward the Naval Base. I have been fooled by deceiving dark clouds before, and knew it couldn't possibly be an actual tornado, so I said jokingly, "Hey look a tornado!" I was completely oblivious that there was any severe weather passing through as it never got 'bad' at school. Looking back, I was probably looking at my first tornado, or at least my first water spout. Hopefully it's the last one.

Some people lost a lot today... it's especially a bad time for this to happen with so many people on the edge, financially. Hope there aren't any more casualties... :(

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Wow I just saw this on NBC 4 in New York. The good news appears to be that despite the high number of injuries, no deaths have been reported! I have some cousins who attend Nansemond-Suffolk Academy. I'll be watching HR news sources closely as the story continues to unfold. Best wishes to everyone in the areas affected!

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Crazy crazy stuff. I read the warning during my after lunch drive-by of Pilot Online. You get desensitized to the constant warnings. Even after the tornado the news channels wouldn't shut up about who has the best radar system.

Anyways, my coworker one office over got the call from his wife who had just survived the tornado. Crazy stuff. At first I figured it was a car accident, perhaps a fender bender or something. It changed pretty quickly into something even more unexpected. He hasn't been back to work yet so I don't know the full story but from what I've gathered he called home and gave his family a heads up... then about a minute later they ran to the bathtub as it hit the house. Nothing left, they crawled out of the bathtub. From what I understand it's just a slab. Another coworker offered trailer but he said that there is nothing to put in the trailer as everything is gone?

I was sitting with my other coworker at Fatburger in Chesapeake and there it was on Fox News, and he was able to point out which spot was our friends.

Crazy stuff thinking about how quick life can change. Just like that. I remember the feeling when there was a fire in our building and walking out and there was smoke billowing up the open area in the middle. I can't imagine getting the call that it's all gone and family luckily made it out okay -- but it was a close call.

I remember Tornados hitting Chesapeake when I was young. And the Cat 5 hurricane threat a few years ago.

And of course the brilliant local news stations suggesting people go into your basement if a tornado threat is predicted. Brilliant.

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