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Rida Development Corp's Mixed-Use Complex [Under Construction]

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We have had some recent low-to-mid rise structures that I would consider "higher" quality, a few that come to mind:   Thornton Park Central The Paramount at Lake Eola Eola South (probably Baker Ba

i just decided to minor in Urban Planning, and if all goes well, i hope to have the power to design/mandate something of respect in that corner bc yall deserve it 

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I wonder if the "brownstones" mentioned are like the ones on Michigan. I would love to see it on both sides of the road! It would also appeal to the urban community.



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From my memory, there are units on the north side of the development facing the street that are 2-story and open to the sidewalk instead of opening to internal corridors... that's probably what they're calling the brownstones.

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And The Grande.  Nice as larger, 2-floor living spaces in a condo bldg - but hardly a Brownstone.  I'd love for someone to line a street or block downtown with legitimate brownstone-style townhouses


Maybe if the South Mills ones fill up quick someone can build more downtown. I would like to see a more brownstone looking design...but that's not so easy to pull of in new construction. I think it would be really cool to see a bunch in an area in Creative Village to help bridge to the existing community.

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I hope that South Mills project happens.  I has assumed that the renderings were just done to market the property to some potential developer.  I did not expect it to be an actual project.  Have they applied for any actual construction permits?

 No permits yet...that I have seen. 

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Even though the scale of this project is somewhat underwhelming, I truly think this project will have more impact on downtown than any other development currently on the boards, venues (and sun rail) aside.

It's transformational to north orange, especially when phase two is underway, and activates an important block in the heart of the city.

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