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Quintessential Charlotte Photo

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Justin6882    8

Hello Charlotteans -

I've been a member for years now on UP but usually stick to the Triangle forums, however I have a favor to ask of you. I work in marketing at Duke and we're doing a story on a patient for a magazine I help produce. She's lives in Charlotte and we're trying to figure out the best place to take a photo of her for the cover of the magazine that not only captures her doing something (walking, riding a bike, walking her dog) in uptown Charlotte, but also captures a part of Charlotte that is recognizable. I want the photo to be dynamic and to scream "Charlotte".

Would a picture on the trolley work? A plaza uptown? Bobcats arena?

I'm not overly familiar with Charlotte, so any suggestions you have would be great...and if you have a picture of the area you're suggesting, that would be even better!

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Windsurfer    178

My vote is the sidewalk that runs parallel to the trolly tracks down near The Arlington. It's a nice walk and gives you a view of the trolley and uptown. Somewhere between the East-West and Carson stops.

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