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Decided to compare apples to oranges and look at the OPSB scores from Spring 2005 to the combined scores of the OPSB and RSD from this school year. The overall numbers are encouraging, and it seems that the new schools are better than what we had before. Last year...the numbers were actually below 2005, but they have mostly exceeded Pre-Katrina standards now. In grades 4 and 8 all scores have improved except in science. I was really impressed by the grade 8 scores. In the highschools, scores are actually still below 2005, but higher than last year. I would expect these scores to improve as the lower grade students move up through the system.

It appears that Paul Vallas is doing as promised and bringing order and better schooling to the RSD after the rocky start in 2006-2007. The OPSB scores were all well above or at the state average this year and last year.

Here are the scores...

Grade 4 (% scoring approaching basic or higher)


English 71% Math 64% Science 73% Social Studies 62%


English 74% Math 70% Science 70% Social Studies 66%

Grade 8 (% scoring approaching basic or higher)


English 64% Math 52% Science 56% Social Studies 54%


English 72% Math 65% Science 55% Social Studies 64%

Highschool (% scoring approaching basic or higher to graduate)


English 66% Math 53% Science 58% Social Studies 60%


English 53% Math 49% Science 58% Social Studies 62%

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