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Hartford Greenway

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The stone is starting to roll. After 10 years of effort by many, many people, the first leg of the South Branch Trail of Hartford's Park River Greenway is about to become a reality.

Who could have guessed that laying a trail across an unoccupied urban meadow could be so challenging?

There will be a groundbreaking for the project at 2:30 p.m. Friday at the corner of Nilan and Brookfield streets in southwest Hartford. The first stretch of paved trail will extend from that corner through meadow and forest to the corner of Brookfield Street and Flatbush Avenue. A loop from this segment closer to the river will be added later.

The trail is part of a comprehensive plan. Another section from Nilan Street to Newfield Avenue is ready to go as soon as funding (about $325,000) is available. It can link to West Hartford's Trout Brook Greenway, currently under construction in some areas.

good to see this starting.

I think this is the same group that wants to eventually open up the river some day. I know its almost all private money so this is a great sign that this group has been able to raise enough money to get this started.

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