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**May 24th - ORLANDO/Central Florida POKER RUN**

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Original thread found here: CFBMW.ORG • View topic - Official CFBMW Poker Run 5/24/2008 Info and "List"

Well the time has finally arrived! It is time to gear up for the 4th Annual CFBMW.ORG Poker Run!

Over 70 cars participated last year and we had over 100 people in attendance!

MAY 24 2008

CFBMW.ORG and Angelflight SE has paired up together to produce what is expected to be CFBMW's biggest Poker Run yet! This is the first time that the poker run will be pairing up with a charity. Angel Flight Southeast, Inc. is a non-profit volunteer pilot organization involved in "public benefit flying." We provide a variety of services to the community, but mostly we arrange free air transportation by private aircraft to distant medical facilities when commercial service is not available, impractical or simply not affordable. So, lets get together and try to raise the most money we can for such a great cause. We will be taking donations at the event and your donations are 100% tax-deductible!!

Meet at the Orlando Executive Airport at 11am

365 Rickenbacker Drive

Orlando, FL 32803-5258

What is a poker run?

Simply put, you start at a given destination, and receive a playing card. . .you then proceed to 4 more locations and will receive a playing card in an envelope at each location; the best 3 poker hands at the final destination will win a prize!! At each location there will be a prize drawing as well for the participants in the poker run.

What time and what date is the poker run?

Mark your calenders now - the poker run is on Saturday, May 24th. We are meeting at the Orlando Executive Airport at 11:00AM. Hotdogs/Chips/Soda/Water will be sold by Angelflight.

We will be having dinner at the final destination at the end of the poker run, which is where all the hands will be judged, as well as some final prize drawings as well! As a heads up, the average price of a dinner will be about $20, so please bring cash!

"Sounds great! Where do I sign up and how much is this gonna cost me to run?"

Like all CFBMW events, this is no exception; it is totally free to participate in the poker run! Since, this is the first year we are pairing up with a charity, we would love for you to come with open hearts and donate freely to the AngelFlight Charity. Your donations are 100% Tax Deductible. The prize drawing will be an optional $5 per entry(raffle ticket), but is not at all required to run!! Make all checks payable to "AngelFlight Southeast"

Interested in sponsoring the Poker Run? You will be allowed to setup a tent/booth for a $50 donation to AngelFlight, PM me if interested!



Euro Image

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You can sign up right here!

it is time to start the list...let us know if you are coming and who you are bringing with you, so we can make sure to prepare the ending location for the amount of people we will have.

CFBMW Poker Run 2008 List

0. Panzer_M (maybe looking to ride with someone)

1. n54monteg0

2. turbo m3

3. SCCU Commissioner Tudo

4. Bruse Wayne + Tent: Euro Image

5. robmpulse (volunteering for stop)

6. m3malcolm, sponsor: automotiveaddicts.com

7. antinym + 1

8. Teh Sheik

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we sure did! i love the renovations they did in there...now if they could just make skankhos look a bit more appealing and less trashy...

who did you meet at backroom? i would have loved to have met another UP'er there

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yea, Backroom caught me off guard with their fancy attire requirements....i almost couldnt get in because of t-shirt. I went with a friend Chris who resided in Jacksonville....that night was kinda blurry for me, I met some guy that work for PSI and I think some guy name dwight and Ken??

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ah ok chris! he drives a green e36 ... very cool, did you go to school with chris? he said he was hanging out with some old buddies from school or something...

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Good stuff. I wanted to run in this event but I got into town too late. And after picking up a speeding ticket while driving from Miami, it's probably best I didn't take part in it this time. :P

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