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Charlotte city budget...


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I was watching News 14 this morning before I headed to work and heard them talking about the budget that was passed last night. One item that was passed in particular really made my day! They unanimously voted to approve $3.2 million (Mecklenburg county will also chip in the same amount) for the redevelopment of the old Charlotte Convention Center. Here is the article from News 14:

"After weeks of debate, the Charlotte City Council approved a budget Monday night.

But the unanimous vote did not come without its share of controversy.

The voting process was stalled when Councilwoman Susan Burgess tried to restore $300,000 for training and retention of city employees. Burgess said the money was needed to maintain public safety.

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I'm also curious about what was given to the ASC. I wonder if they discussed that last night or if somthing that large will be discussed seperatly. It's such a high profile subject it should have been covered somewhere if it was discussed last night. I'll check the ASC page.

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Highlights of Capitol Projects for Charlotte 2005...these got approved..this is money to be spent JUST in 2005

$262M for CATS inlcuding:

$45M Bus Garage on S Tryon

$4.2M Trolley Barn on South Blvd

$125K Uptown Transit Center Paint Job

$4.6M for new CATS buses

$193M for South Light Rail line

$2M Uptown StreetCar planning

$2M study to expand CATS into Cabarrus and Union County

$14M for South Blvd improvments to prepare for Light Rail

$109M for CLT Airport including:

$4M to expand Ramp E at CLT Airport

$14M to start constuction on 3rd Parallel Runway at CLT Airport

$11M to relocate Wallace Neal Road (this is where the runway is going)

$16M CLT Airport De-Icing Facility

$2M Renovate Baggage Claim at CLT Airport

$10.2M to continue new CLT Parking Deck Construction

$4.6M to start Concourse E expansion

$4.5M to expand West side of Terminal Building

$200K start construction on new Airport Entrance Road

$78M in Water System expansions

$171 in Sewer expansions inlcuding:

$53M expansion of McDowell Plant

$60M in new Sewer Lines

You will notice there is no money in 2005 for any Cultural Facility Improvments.

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What was cut in this years Operating budget?

Here are some highlights:

$71,224 is reduced in various miscellaneous cuts throughout the Police department including postponement of

paid intern program, elimination of business cards for patrol officers, and reduction in travel.

$100,000 is reduced in I-277 contract maintenance by Engineering and Property Management

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This project is really going to have a major impact in that area. That particular side of town seems to be where the boom is starting to hit. I just hope the area attracts more high-rise structures to give Charlotte's downtown more depth instead of being along just a street or two.

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Towers are great and all, but what this will be is another reason to go Uptown...leading to more streetlife. That's where we'll really see the effect of this.

There are a number of things going on that will dramatically increase pedestrian traffic uptown. We should be as thrilled by these as we are by having a couple of towers announced...

-yes, the condo towers and other residential projects will mean more people

-J&W, nearly 3000 more people Uptown

-the arena...event nights will be great for uptown

-ImaginOn...will add some traffic, although not to the extent of some of these projects

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The Omni does have that entrance on College and Trade. Perhaps they will do a little renovating to make that entrance more of a feature instead of just a valet area. I wonder if that big concrete wall is structurally nescessary or can changes that are more than cosmetic be made? Something should be done though. I also think Founders Hall could beef up it's College St. entrance.

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