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IN PROGRESS: USOC Headquarters


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Not a huge project scale wise, but it cost the city $53 million and a lot of work keep the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs. The project was already proposed, it was called Stratton Pointe. The developer behind it was able to re-tool it to fit the USOC's needs and they accepted.

rendering from gazette.com


Currently, a vacant 2-story building stands at the site, and there is work underway to gut the building from the inside out, which is why I consider it to be in progress. Plans call for the 120,000 square foot building to be LEED certified.

This photo I took last fall shows what the site currently looks like.



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Quite a nice scale building for that block though.

Some of the buildings near by will dwarf it, and their architecture is almost surburban office park offensive. But this building will add to the strength of the other nicer buildings around. and with a resonable scale as I said.

the only real shame is that its not being put on an empty lot.

Anyhoo, I love the USOC because I love Olympics. Park city was a Blast!!

and my cousin is competing this year for the US in China.

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Huge signs welcoming the USOC popped up on several downtown buildings over the weekend. There are photos at newsblab.com. You may have to scroll down some as new content is added. The guy who runs Newsblab is taking issue with the fact that one of the signs is on the City Admin Building. I don't see what the BFD is? It's a major economic boon for downtown, why shouldn't they flaunt it? I don't think he supported the incentives package either... but guess what... had they not come up with that incentive package, we would have lost the USOC and potentially the training center. Today's business world is based on greed, not fairness, and if Colorado Springs isn't willing to play the game, other city's will, and we will get left in the dust.

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This project is essentially complete. I think there is still some interior work being done, and the signage has not been installed yet. This project was stalled several times because of funding issues. Controversy over the use of public funds to help construct this building erupted in scandal as the economy tanked and city coffers ran dry. The developers ended up in jail on fraud charges, the mayor was investigated by an ethics panel, and at one point the deal was called off. Many blame the failure of a tax increase proposal in November on the USOC deal as well. This building, the developers, city council, and USOC are forever tarnished, I'm afraid.

This is the most recent photo I have. Exterior work has since been completed.


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