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Web Site: http://www.callahancp.com/taborII.htm

News Article: http://denver.bizjournals.com/denver/stori...13/daily14.html

The new metal and glass building, which already has a foundation, is expected to start construction some time in Q2 or Q3 of 2008 and be completed in Q1 of 2011. On April 21, Callahan Capital Partners, the new owner of Tabor Center, submitted a building permit application to the city for Two Tabor Center.

Two Tabor Center is to be LEED Gold certified!

Renderings courtesy of DeverInfill.com:


Edit: Changing Title from "PROPOSED" to "IN PROGRESS" since everything I'm reading about this one says that it's a sure bet to get done, come hell or high water.

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