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Officer that wrote a bit too many stop sign tickets?


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A Detroit news station ran a story on Warren, Mi police Officer David Kanapsky who many motorists claim was writing unfair tickets, most of them stemming over stop sign violations. Some claim, they definitely did stop, swearing under oath in court, that they did not violate. So what's the problem? Well it seems the more tickets this officer writes, the more overtime pay he gets for showing up in court. It seems kind of shady to me.


A 20/20 special will air on this also, showing several police officers violating the law themselves

I've been down the stretch they've shown several times in the video. Residents complained about the violations and the city removed several stop signs to avoid the issue altogether.

I'll definitely agree with the fact that people have run stop signs along the service drive. I almost ran the (now removed) stop sign at the spot shown in the video. Slammed on the breaks, but still ended up crawling past it. Of course, no one was there to pull me over. A yield sign made much more sense.

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