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Alabama State has a new 20-year, $565 million master plan, which includes making the campus more pedestrian-oriented and recommends building or renovating more than 20 structures. The plan calls for a new 32,000-seat football stadium on the east side of campus near the Joe Reed Acadome, new academic buildings, administrative offices, dorms, student apartment buildings, a baseball/softball complex, soccer field, a hotel and conference center, and retail structures. Major goals include having the majority of academic buildings fit within a 10-minute walking circle and moving parking to the edge of campus.

ASU must be expecting major growth over the next few years. Three new or renovated buildings are currently under construction across Hall St. from the existing campus. This plan will probably tell us what's in store for the demolished residential blocks where those new buildings are going up. The new stadium is great news for ASU alumni and fans, but may be another nail in the coffin of Cramton Bowl.

ASU maps out expansion


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