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Need Help With Excel!

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Sorry, I know this is way off topic but I figured someone here would be able to help. I'm currently using Microsoft Excel 2007 to analyze data from a bunch of surveys. I've already coded all the answers on paper and have begun to put some data in. However, before I get too far I want to make I do this right. I need to know how to 'code' the numeric data I've entered so that when analyzed it is replaced with text.

For instance....

Question #2 - Please Check your age category

<25 (1)

26-45 (2)

46-64 (3)

Over 64 (4)

How do I code the spread sheet so 1 = <25, 2 = 26-45, 3 = 46-64, and 4 = Over 64?

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Thanks...I did try to Google it but I had no idea what the term would be for it.

I was going to try to type out what it looks like but the formating on these forums messes up the spacing.

Here is a screenshot...

*Note: I removed all the x's, and z's. They represented answers that were either textual or mis-marked.

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