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New Frontage Roads to Ease Traffic Congestion

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Everyone has gotten tied up in it and most complain about it but few understand the big picture of the frontage road project in Texarkana. The new frontage roads will be 2 lane one way roads running from Nash and through Texarkana, Tx and Ark. The roads will widen to 3 lanes at the points of entrance and exit with I-30 and crossing highways. People will be able to go all the way from Nash to Stateline Ave without having to stop at red lights. The one way frontage roads will extend to Jefferson Ave. in Ark. TxDot is completing the project including the Ark portion. The Arkansas State Highway Dept. paid for it's portion and is responsible for the turnaround lanes on Jefferson Ave. The upgraded frontage roads will run parallel to I-30 and go beneath overpasses. Most I-30 overpasses will be replaced. Cowhorn Creek Rd and Kings Hwy are the only two that will remain. The one way frontage roads are an alternative to widening I-30 to three lanes in both directions. This projected to get local traffic off of the main lanes of I-30.Work may begin on the State Line Ave overpass this summer but work on Summerhill Rd is scheduled to begin next summer and on the Richmond Rd overpass in 2010. They are expected to be built with in 80 days of the work beginning. The project was accelerated by state, city and county support and took 3 yrs to design. Work began in October 2006 and is expected to be completed in 2011.

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