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Texarkana Experiencing Major Retail Boom


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City growth can be seen along I-30 and locals aren't the only ones who've taken notice. The area along I-30 has become a prime spot for growth in Texarkana. That growing trend is set to continue as retailers look to expand their business base in the area. Richmond Rd and the area north of I-30 is pretty much ground zero for retail. Currently phase 3 of Richmond Ranch is being developed and looks to finish by next year. Waggoner Creek is the hottest new retail site north and south of the interstate. One of the major projects being developed in the area is the new mall near the Orr Autoplex. Currently a statement can't be made as to what businesses are coming in but major retailers and jewelry stores are among the tenants. A new strip mall near the future Holiday Inn Express on Richmond Rd is in the planning stages. Texarkana City Manager and City Council members will attend the International Conference on Shopping Centers to recruit various businesses and restaurants to the area. 500 acres of land is currently being developed near the Waggoner Creek area as well. The nearby suburb of Nash will also see some additional growth as Robbins Toyota and a shopping development plan to set up shop there. Those developments should be up and running by 2009. Jerry Sparks from the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce expects the city's north and westward growth to continue and may even grow around suburban communities like Nash, Wake Village and Red Lick. The Crossroads Business Park on the Ark side is looking to add more retail and hotels around the future convention center site. Nearby, Trinity Square will begin construction of phase 2 of the shopping center. The whole area is booming at a fast pace and visitation into the city is exploding. Texarkana is already looked at as a little Dallas with all the new construction going on. Even with all that's under construction or about to be under construction much more is on the drawing board.

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