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Old Capitol Building


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Old Capitol Restoration

The Old Mississippi State Capitol Museum got walloped by Katrina, but restoration efforts are moving forward at an encouraging pace. What many current (or at least younger) residents of Jackson may not know is that the red brick face the building presents to the world is really a product of the late 1950's. The building was covered in scored stucco to match the stone facing on the ground floor. the facing was removed in a restoration/modernization effort in 1958. The restored building should be complete some time next year.

The Clarion-Ledger

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Old Capitol Restoration Nearly Complete

The restoration of the former State House, now known as the Old Capitol is nearly complete. The building will reopen in early january, 2009 with the opening session of the state legislature in the house chamber. The museum will open to the public shortly thereafter. having suffered serious water damage from Katrina. the building has been given a much needed restoration. of note is the new stucco exterior which replicates the original finish of the building. This was removed suring a previous renovation of the building in the 1950's.

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