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Zac. :)

I call myself a native Memphian even though I grew up in Dallas for the first 8 years of my life and then moved here in 1993. This city has changed a lot, and I even went through a period where I could not wait to get out of this "hellhole." Boy, that has changed. I am in my second year of college (I took too much time off after high school in '03) at Ole Miss and I come into Memphis on days when Im not in class or on the weekends to spend time with my fiance who goes to UMemphis. I have fallen in love with this city...The architecture, the general friendliness of everybody I meet, etc. I love the South Main District with the art galleries, the restaurants and the trolley. It almost feels like a small neighborhood in New York minus the accents. ;) I love the farmers market, jogging along the bluff, "Restaurant Row" in the CBD, and even the Grizzlies. ;) I love dining in East Memphis, the shops at Saddle Creek, Laurelwood and Oak Hall in Regalia, the neighborhood enclaves along Walnut Grove...My major is Finance and I would love nothing more than to get involved with a developer and be in charge of securing the finances for these gorgeous rehab projects in the SoMain District, new highrise projects like Horizon and One Beale, etc. It would just be wonderful to be able to use my major to do something really cool and something that I am into like that instead of just a mundane number crunching job. I look forward to talking about this awesome city with all of you and if you do any posters meetings say at the Arcade, or any other little watering hole that would be awesome. I didnt mean for this to seem like some lame dating service blog hah, but I was just wondering what yalls views on Memphis are, or your favorite spots in this town. Ive still been meaning to check out Earnestine and Hazels.

I look forward to talking with you!


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For so long in our history, Southerners seeking a more sophisticated existence (e.g. education, cultural diversity, arts venues, career advancement) had to flee our region in order to attain it. Observably, there is relatively little cultural value in community (i.e. a feeling of collective responsibility for the development and progress of our cities and fellow citizens) in the United States. So, I can't help but to garner a sense of great joy from reading your words.

I hope that the connection to Memphis you feel grows ever stronger. And, I hope that the feeling becomes contagious to all those around you.

Would that we all could make that (emotional? spiritual?) investment in our own communities.

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