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Sundance Channel has been running a series called "Big Ideas for a Small Planet." I caught an episode last night dealing entirely with transportation. I thought others may want to check it out...and you can view it via their website (but I don't know for how long). I would recommend the series if you get Sundance though.

There was another full documentary called Eco Documentary - Congested Streets which talked a lot about NYC, in relation to how it was conceived at the time of the automobile, the "sins" of Robert Moses, and the future in regards to what is happening in Europe (congestion zones, and car free zones).

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I saw both. The Big Ideas program was a little too "feelgood" for my taste. I really enjoyed Congested Streets though. Who knew that Moses was named GM's Man of the Year?

Sundance also has the documentary Escape from Suburbia available on demand. It's a good look at peak oil from a few different points of view, but tends to jump from idea to idea without a cohesive theme.

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