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Charlotte Talks on Developers


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So tomorrow's (Tuesday June 3) edition of Charlotte Talks on WFAE is going to have developers on responding to the criticism that, in a nutshell, they always get their way.

The episode description doesn't seem to be up just now, but Mike Collins just mentioned it on the show.

I figure most people here already listen, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway ;)

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It was a decent enough conversation, if not rushed (they always are). While its only fair that actual developers be included in the conversation, I frankly got a lot more out of Prof. Walters. His thoughts on the culture of innovation were very telling, but I have to believe that banks are not so naive as to ignore what's happening in Europe. The stats on parking costs at the very end of the show were also pretty interesting. $23,000+ for a parking space in uptown. Wow.

I also got one of my questions answered on air. I'll let you figure out which one ;)

The show repeats tonight at 9:00p.

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