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2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season

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TS Dolly has formed in the Northwest Caribbean. The system is expected to stay on a fairly consistent West-Northwest track and make landfall in northern Mexico or southern Texas on Thursday. Do not

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I bet you were wore-out SlidellWX!

Eventhough Atlantic Hurricane Season "officially" ends November 30th(deep tropics); typically it's over in October for Louisiana. Just when in October can vary from early in the month to late in the month; depending on those strong cold-fronts??. So on average I say the season ends around here (about now) in the middle of October.

The latest date I could find for land falling La. hurricane was Juan on Oct. 28-29th back in 1985.... But on the flip-side in 1995 Opal hit the Fla. Panhandle on Oct. 4th..the door was shut here with cold-dry air.

That's not to say a weaker "tropical storm" might not happen?? Don't know if any hit La. in November??

Now there's that mid-October spike in the tropics. Omar has already strenghtened to a 75mph hurricane in the Carribbean. "Weak" T.S. Nana formed the other day; and with the blink of an eye she is gone! T.D.#16 formed today just off the coast of Honduras; so far all the 15 T.D's in 08' have formed into a T.S! Will the streak continue and #16 become Paloma??

Since the Ike and the "fish-storm" Joesphine...

Kyle dumped flooding rains over Puerto Rico; and prompted a rare hurricane watch for Maine(1st since 91') as it raced toward Nova Scotia(Sept.28th).

Laura(Sept.29th) was a sub-tropical "fish-storm" in the northern Atlantic that eventually went toward Ireland.

Marco (Oct.6th) rapidly intensified in the Bay of Campeche into the "smallest" storm ever recorded with T.S. winds only 10 miles from the center; landing in Mexico.

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