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City Center Studios


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Erie St is aleady barely wide enough for two cars to pass, and it only goes between Cedar & Larch. I don't think anything even faces it. But in general, I don't like one-way streets either.

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Yeah, Erie is one of the very few were I wouldn't be outraged if it went one-way. It's already basically one-way in that the vast majority of its traffic is west-bound and used mostly by Riverfront Apartments residents to access their property when coming heading north-bound up Larch. Very few people traveling south-bound on Cedar have any reason to use it.

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Wait, are you from London, Lansing or NYC? ;)

I'm excited about the economic benefits from this. Aside from the direct jobs it will create, you better believe that this will have spin-off considering how much it takes to make a studio work. You'll need camera men, gaffers, sound guys, etc...Given the already industrial nature of the area surrounding it, and the warehouses that line this area, it fits pretty well into the surrounding neighborhood.

Here's the Lansing Area Capital Gain online magazine's take on this:


New $9 Million Movie Studio Complex Planned for Eastside Lansing

Capital Gains, 6/4/2008

A partnership between Lansing-based Ahptic Film & Digital and the Gillespie Group is going to bring Hollywood glitz, glam and money to Lansing.

The two are working on a $9 million, 71,000 square foot production facility that will include two 24,000 square foot stages, production space and post and screening facilities for feature films, sitcoms and other major productions.

“This sound stage is exactly what Hollywood wants,” says Matt Martyn with Ahptic.

The project’s potential economic impact to the state and the region is extraordinary. Last year, Michigan received less than $10 million rom the film industry—a number that Lansing alone could double or triple when City Center Studios is complete, says Ken Droc with the Michigan Film Office.


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