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Police Ridiculousness


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Detroit Police Raid CAID citing partygoers and impounding vehicles.


Let's look at the issues here as well as the accounts

CAID has been irresponsible in serving alcohol afterhours in the past.

This is a problem

CAID would have likely been serving alcohol afterhours at the Funk Night Event

This would be likely, and as a turns out was true.

Police can obtain a warrant and bust the party and cite partygoers for loitering

This is possible, and police have the right to do this. Most patrons should know you cannot be at an event/bar what be you where they serve alcohol past this point

Detroit has a very bad image locally and nationally

Most would agree unless you live in a fictional world where you think crime and unemployment are wonderful

Detroit needs to improve its image

This is true

Detroit has a lot of crime

Ranked highest in the nation

Detroit needs to focus police efforts on the worst of crime

I think we'd all tend to agree. Murder, rape, theft, etc needs to stop

Detroit needs money


So now let's put it all together in my opinion


A party was happening in Detroit, mostly made up of suburbanites taking part in a city that really needs to bring outsiders within its city limits to at least spark interest among younger generations. My guess is the city is either short on cash, or was hoping to make a success story busting people for other illicit activities. Instead of focusing resources on bigger issues, they decided to bust a party (a lesser issue) but ended up not scoring big finding drugs, guns, or other deviant activity. What they found was a bunch of young adults partying to late where alcohol was being served. In my opinion, recouping costs of the operation was through citing individuals (which they can do) for loitering, but also impounding vehicles with allegedly up to $900 in fees. I wonder how the individuals got home, and I hope they got home safely. Other accounts claim the DJ's property was stolen. Why? God who knows, but I'm giong to wager a guess, and not say it. Keep in mind this is all my opinion and not necessarily the truth.

So basically, a lot of tax money was spent on a party. Meanwhile worst stuff happens out on the streets. Good to know all the action happened on Woodbridge. The only word of advice I have the partygoers is that this event follows the same rules as a bar does. I know those college house parties serve alcohol past two, and the only citations are noise violations, but this event follows under the same restrictions as bars and restaurants. But I think it's reasonable to let this bit of ignorance slide.

Typical actions, or actions that should have been taken would be to either cite CAID owners with heavy fines for repeated violations and broke up the crowd. The real violators are punished, and the visitors' feelings of the city and local police goes untainted.

As for the partygoers. I wouldn't blame their anger. They just lost $1000. It's understandable if you never want to come back to Detroit.

End rant

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It could be worse...

The patrons of the CAID could've started a riot. Burning and looting businesses and buildings. Jenny G. would then send in the National Guard creating a war zone within the city. In which it wouldn't fully recover from even after 40 years creating a larger divide between the suburbs and city while dropping the population of Detroit to 400,000... <_<

I would still have to agree with you wolverine. Pretty ridiculous.

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