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Sister Cities/States/Consulates etc in the Region?

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Honolulu's Sister Cities:

1 Baguio City, Philippines (1995)

2 Baku, Azerbaijan (1998)

3 Bombay, India (1970)

4 Bruyeres, France (1960)

5 Caracas, Venezuela (1999)

6 Cebu City, Philippines (1990)

7 Funchal, Madeira (1979)

8 Hainan Province, China (1985)

9 Hiroshima, Japan (1959)

10 Hue, Vietnam (1995)

11 Incheon, South Korea (2003)

12 Kaohsiung, Taiwan (1962)

13 Laoag City, Philippines (1969)

14 Luganville, Vanuatu (2003)

15 Manila, Philippines (1980)

16 Mombasa, Kenya (2000)

17 Naha City, Okinawa, Japan (1960)

18 San Juan, Puerto Rico (1985)

19 Seoul, South Korea (1973)

20 Sintra, Portugal (1998)

21 Tianjin, China (2002)

22 Tokyo, Japan (1960)

23 Uwajima, Japan (2004)

24 Vigan, Philippines (2003)

25 Zhongshan, China (1997)

Sister States:

1 Azores Islands, Portugal (1982)

2 Cebu Province, the Philippines (1996)

3 Cheju Province, Korea (1986)

4 Ehime Prefecture, Japan (2003)

5 Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan (1981)

6 Guangdong Province, China (1985)

7 Hainan Province, China (1992)

8 Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan (1997)

9 Ilocos Sur Province, the Philippines (1985)

10 Okinawa Prefecture, Japan (1985)

11 Pangasinan, the Philippines (2002)

12 Rabat-Sal

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sorry bout that, Fodors and others list "Pittsburgh consulates" with WASHINGTON, DC addresses!?! Most of these only have a handful of staff or are "honorary" basically with a "friend" of the nation representing business interests and doing a few diplomatic things from their home in Pittsburgh, BUT WE HAVE THEM! I think some of these "tourist information" sites are just plain lazy with every American city not in the top 10 in population just being listed with the Embassy's address in Washington.

Urbanguy wrote:

You know and believe it or not Hawaii really does utilize its sister relationships with exchanges, cultural stuff, education, business, partnerships, technology, trade, etc!

I do believe that, and good for them! Sister cities are always fun to look at because they tend to pair up with cities that have the same industry, same problems same opportunites. Pittsburghs sisters would hardly ever make Las Vegases or Honolulus list and vice versa, the problems, the industry, the opportunities are very different. Pittsburgh list seems centered in Europe--Eastern Europe mainly and the few towns not in that region are also post-industrial river towns trying to make a go of it the Wuhans and Bilboas and Matanzas of the world!

Interested in seeing the other consulates around the country!

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^In some cases but not all actually cause Honolulu's/Hawaii's sisters included places like Morocco, Azerbaijan, Kenya, etc The majority have historical ties but others like Morocco, Azerbaijan, etc actually approached Hawaii about forming relationships as well as Vanuatu, Venezuela, India, etc

Kenya & Vietnam were persued by natives of those countries that live in Hawaii.

In fact the Kenyans in Hawaii that help bridge Honolulu & Mombasa created a website about & for it!




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Puerto Rico Consulates: *as of 2000 so there might be more!

1 Austria

2 Belize

3 Canada

4 Chile

5 Colombia

6 Denmark

7 Dominican Republic

8 Ecuador

9 El Salvador

10 Germany

11 Haiti

12 Honduras

13 Holland

14 Iceland

15 Italy

16 Japan

17 Mexico

18 Nicaragua

19 Norway

20 Paraguay

21 Peru

22 Spain

23 Thailand

24 United Kingdom

25 Sweden

26 Switzerland

27 Uruguay

28 Venezuela

Guam Consulates: *Not sure if i got them all




Marshall Islands

Micronesia, Federated States of




American Samoa: *not sure what else, probably a few more missing?



As for the US Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, etc well thats a work in progress! :D

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